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ACT EXPO 2018: Advanced Clean Transportation

Technology in transportation is advancing so quickly, it's hard to pin down where the future in energy is going to be. The Advanced Clean Transportation Expo 2018, held at the Long Beach Convention Center showcased a number of companies with the


Getting Personal in Business: Handwritten Thank You Notes

Using a form of communication that has become less and less common, may be one of the most powerful ways to impress a prospect and a current customer. The handwritten "Thank You" note.


Free or Freight on Board (FOB) - What Does it Mean?

There is nothing "free" about Free or Freight on Board (FOB), so it would be good to understand what this term really means. Which party is taking responsibility at which part of the move? Not understanding the liability involved if a product gets


Maximizing Driver Hours: Individualized Sleep Planning and Appointments

Now that drivers are on their Electronic Logging Devices and no longer have the flexibility that paper logs once gave, drivers are realizing how strict the Hours-of-Service rules are now that violations pop up instantaneously when they happen. We're

Tax Reform Gears

Tax Reform and the Impact on your Trucking Company

We are in interesting times, and the implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law on December 22, 2017.

What does this mean for you? Is it beneficial or detrimental to your income and tax treatment? This is the time to consult with


ELD Mandate in Full Swing on April 1st - Get Ready!

Wait for it... ELD Mandate in full swing starting on Sunday, April 1st, 2018!

Let's hope this is just a cruel April Fool's Day joke played on us by our government. If it isn't...

What's going to happen? Fleets that run without ELDs installed and put


Rising Freight Costs to be Passed on to Consumers

Have you noticed any changes in the cost of your groceries? If you don't see it now, you will definitely see it soon. The effects of Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) has been a hot topic in the world of logistics, with warnings time and time again


Due Diligence for 3PLs in Choosing a Qualified Carrier

Looking back to a Blog post we shared back in 2012, we have an update on how choosing an unqualified carrier could leave a 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) company responsible for carrier actions. That case had to do with double brokering, but this case had

SCM Modules

SCM: Planning for the Future of Supply Chain Management

As a new generation begins to take over the workforce, the future of supply chain management will move towards utilizing the latest innovations to improve data reliability, faster workflows, synced data with interconnected systems and much more beyond

Waiting at Loading Dock

Building Relationships with Warehouses

 We have choices every day on how we interact with others, and some occupations have more opportunities than others. Industry insiders know that having a good relationship with your drivers and warehouse personnel makes a big difference in how your


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